THE BRUSH PROJECT: A Critical Design Study 

A group of volunteers ‘adopted’ the ambiguous brushes for 5 days; after which I interviewed each in order to stimulate conversation and capture instantaneous responses regarding the views and experiences they had with the objects. 

"I'm the sort of person who'd like this brush!"

"I massaged the palm of my hand with it for about 2 hours" 

"I cleaned the inside of my jewellery box with it" 

"I found it was best for getting things off your tights"

"I tried putting it over the head of my driver"

"When I first saw it I thought I'd use that the clean my guitar head"

"Brushes are so multi-purpose, although I've never really appreciated them before, you actually need them for loads of things" 

"If you had twins you could brush both their hair at the same time"

"If you take this bit off its like an African brush we use to clean the floor with. But this way it actually seems better"

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