Blown Bottles

The shape of these perfume containers is defined by the natural flow of the liquid glass combined with the rhythmic movements of the glassblower. This simple ubiquitous form, consisting of a bulbous base stretching out into a long elegant neck, follows the inherent flow of the glass when being manipulated by the artisan. The form is the quickest and most primitive to craft, therefore lending itself instinctively to reproduction. Dating as far back as roman times this has allowed for mass-production of glass bottles and has even been said to be one of the first real instances of mass-production. 

Working together with the glassblowers I defined time constraints in which the glass must be blown; starting the clock from entangling the molten glass onto the blowpipe and forcing the vessel to be detached when the time is up. Produced in 3 minutes down to 1 minute, these bottles were the outcome of the experimental process.  

In collaboration with Boisbuchet, MUDAC and The Corning Museum of Glass. 


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