The Important of Sound

As a maker I constantly question my relationship with materials and the processes of making. It is a combination of senses that allow us to “feel” a material, but which of our senses is most valuable to a craftsperson? Imagine the sound of a hammer striking a nail or the sound of a tool catching on a lathe; it is those sounds that warn a craftsperson when they are in danger or confirm when they have made a correct move. My project explores the value of sound and the importance it has within craft and making. Sound has the ability to give narrative to an object, to evoke memories and elicit motion.

Working with greenwood I have handcrafted a trio of inquisitive forms, which contrast different making techniques through their varied surface textures. The sounds created during the processes of making have been recorded and replayed, amplified within the wooden forms. Each unique sound aims to remind us of the making processes that go into a handcrafted piece, which is so often forgotten when an object leaves the workshop.

Green wood, Copper 

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